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Session Breakdown

All sessions are billed per/hour.
Bookings are by appointment only. No walk-ins are accepted at this time.

Silver Session ($30 per hour, limit 2 hours)


  • Only the recording of a record.

This package is perfect to ‘get an idea out’ or to record a reference track.

Gold Session ($40 per hour)


  • Recording and mixing.
  • Mastering also included if time allows.

This is our most popular session.

Rose Gold Package (3hrs – $100)


  • 3 Hours of our Gold session
  • Bring a producer in

By popular demand, we’ve added a package session!

Platinum Package (8hrs – $300)


  • 8 Hours of our Gold session
  • Perfect for projects

By popular demand, we’ve added a second package session!

Mastering Sessions

Final track is delivered in the highest quality 32bit .wav or .flac.
Please reach out to us if you are interested in this specific session.

Consultation (FREE)

First time in the studio? Not a problem! We offer a 20 minute free consultation.
Stop by, see the studio, ask questions.

Let’s Start Working

Submit a booking request below.
All sessions require a 50% deposit in order to book.
Please have your credit or debit card ready. We do not accept cash deposits, however the remainder of your session can be paid at the studio in cash.