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Record vocals, podcasts, voiceovers, or audiobooks (coming soon).
Get a quality result, every time.

Mixing / Mastering

The delicate art of balancing and blending each element in your track, giving them all the space to sound their very best.


Record studio quality audio for your podcast.
Editing options are also available.

Free Consultation

First time in a studio?
Not sure exactly what you want?
Book a free consultation to tour the studio and ask our team. Phone consultations also available.


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Blackwall Studios is built for those who love creating music. We provide a professional and relaxed studio environment for you to create and safely develop your next project, while maintaining a reasonable budget for the entire project.


What started as a small place for two guys to record music has now turned into a home for quite a few artists.

What are people saying?

Client reviews

The environment has amazing energy and everything is professional! It was exactly what my team has been looking for. I can't wait to do more work with them!
Zack Miller
Artist Manager
I highly recommend Blackwall Studios. I brought youth from my nonprofit organization to this studio for them to record their songs for the first time and Chad was extremely helpful, patient, and professional.
Executive Director - Talents of Our Generation
I am launching a new podcast and recording at Blackwall Studios has been a game changer for me. I would HIGHLY recommend Blackwell Studios to anyone looking for the best recording experience. The team is highly skilled, very professional, competent, and will get the job done WELL!
Dr. Elue
Host | Grieving in Color Podcast
It is always a pleasure for my son and I to go to the studio. I really love it there!
Providing picture perfect audio is the goal, and Blackwall Studios delivers.
JP Caruzzo
First things first, Chad the engineer.. amazing. I’ve worked with multiple engineers and this man, whew! There wasn’t one thing I asked for that he couldn’t do, in fact he added some of his own touches that blew my mind. (DON’T short-change them because they won’t short-change you)
Muva Lu