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What Is Mixing?

Mixing is the delicate art of balancing and blending each element in the track, giving them all the space to sound their very best. Tracks not recorded at Blackwall Studios can still be mixed with us.

The mixing process includes things like:

– Frequency equalization (EQ) per instrument (track)

– Left and right “panning” for a wider sound

– Volume and other automation for a tighter mix and balance

– Adding post-processing effects like reverb, delay, and more

Mixing Examples

Preparing For A Mix

You should always have the .wav files of every track in your mix. If you do not have these or are not sure, please let us know. We may not be able to accept your project until the .wav can be sent. 

Below are the crucial steps that should be followed to have the best results of your mix.

– The term “two-track” refers to the two-track instrumental (left & right stereo channels), plus your vocals

– Instrumental track outs are always preferred over a .wav

– Unless already mixed, vocal tracks should be sent as individual tracks, not stems

– Unless otherwise stated, all vocals should sent as MONO tracks

Exporting Track-outs

The below YouTube videos are provided only as a guide.


How to export stems and trackouts from:

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