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What is Blackwall Studios?

    Blackwall Studios is built for those who love creating music. We provide a place for you to create and develop your next project, all while maintaining a reasonable budget. What started as a small place for two guys to record music has now turned into a home for quite a few artists.

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  • Givon

    Artist – BlkCupid

    “My brother [601] pulled through on which could be the big hit that might very well get mainstream recognition.”

  • JP

    Artist – Slyway Records

    “Providing picture perfect audio is the goal, and Blackwall Studios delivers.”

  • RLA

    Poet - 2EIO Sounds

    “Quality services, great prices, and A1 customer service.”

  • Jah Nee


    High quality gear and great engineer! Hits are made here!!!

  • Alex Bacon

    Small Business Owner

    I've known Chad (601) for a while, but this man puts every ounce of his heart and soul into his craft. The production quality is top rate and knows what he's doing behind the board. Nothing can compare.